TL;DR: I beat you, Narcélio!


"Chupa, Narcélio!"


This story began four years ago...

Back then we still didn't have Lightning Network and we were fighting over the block size! (the old days!)

Narcelio, an old school developer, OG bitcoiner, was playing with the nested segwit addresses and decided to create one of the first spending-transactions, writing in the OP_RETURN:

"Narcelio was here"

I was amazed! This encouraged me to study more about Bitcoin. And then I started the evil plan to do the same and came up with the "Chupa, Narcélio!" project.

  • First step, of course, buy the domain.
  • Second, find out how to create a taproot address and deposit a few satoshis there in the mainnet.

After these two steps, waited until block 709632 and broadcasted this transaction by writing to OP_RETURN: Mission accomplished, the world is saved!

Joking aside, know that you have been an inspiration to me! Thank you so much man.
Go horse guys!

"Narcelio is still here"